Reminder Rosie timer

A voice activated personalised reminder clock.

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The Rosie is a reminder clock that can be personalised to anyone needs. Rosie can assist anyone who has memory loss or struggles to remember everyday tasks and needs promoting. Rosie is a simple to use hands free solution to remember, taking medication, appointments and personal and household task. The clock can be voice activated and will tell you exactly what you need to be doing at a certain time. Watch the video below for more information on the Rosie Reminder Clock

Watch the Youtube video for more information



Maximize Independence & Engagement

  • Prolongs senior independent living and minimizes dramatic life changes 
  • Helps seniors maintain their healthy routines
  • Assists healthcare providers and family members to keep track of older adults schedule and required tasks
  • Requires no behavioural change to ensure easy adoption and use by Seniors

Relieve Caregiver Stress

  • Minimizes or even eliminates the “nag factor”
  • Reminder Rosie eases stress by taking over the mundane tasks like reminders from daily responsibilities so caregivers can focus on what matters most – extending the best quality of care to the older adult

Assist Visually Impaired

  • Using state-of-the-art voice activated technology, Reminder Rosie can operate almost entirely by voice, thus greatly reducing the need for the older adult to fiddle with buttons

Increase and Sustain Medication Adherence

  • Reminds adults to take their medications in a customized manner throughout the day
  • Helps improve adherence over a sustained period of time
  • Minimizes medication disruptions
  • Reduces hospitalizations that are linked to medication issues

Provide Personalized Care

  • Creates needed custom care for the older adult with minimal oversight
  • The platform is voice customized for greater adherence



Hands-Free Trigger

Reminder Rosie is exceptionally easy to use! Many devices require fiddling with buttons and switches to operate. With Reminder Rosie, you just start talking and Reminder Rosie is ready!

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Behind a simple & familiar clock interface is a robust technology. Reminder Rosie processes spoken language almost as easily as humans do. By carefully listening for words or phrases, Rosie is ready 24/7 to execute your requests.

Custom Reminders

Reminders can be programmed in any language to provide greater comfort, familiarity, and to improve task completion.

Multiple Reminder - Any Time or Date

With Rosie, you can record up to 25 reminders for everyday, weekly or ANY date. Review the day's reminders with a simple voice command so you stay in control. 

Emergency Back-up System

Rosie will work even during power outages. Rosie will maintain its daily reminders and all other critical features.



  • Hands Free Voice Activated Reminder Aid
  • Revolutionary Speech Recognition
  • Voice or manual operation
  • Record 25 reminders, 6 seconds in any language
  • Specific Time and Date, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annually
  • Daily Calendar Organizer Digital Alarm Clock
  • A Simple Solution to Organize your day- Remember Meds, Appointments, Household & Personal Tasks, Birthdays & Much More
  • Large 2 inch LED Digits visible from any angle
  • Hi/low volume and dim settings; Alarm on/off switch
  • Doubles as a voice alarm clock
  • User says “reminder off” or press down to turn off
  • Understands 25 spoken commands in conversational English
  • Snooze function 9 minutes
  • Works offline
  • Power: AC 240 volts, 60Hz, AU plug
  • Battery back-up: 3AAA not included
  • Clock Dimensions/Weight: 20W x 10.5H x 5D
  • Warranty: 1-year limited



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