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Em's earmuffs for Kids

Em's earmuffs for Kids


 SOMNA ® Chain Weighted Compact Comforter

SOMNA ® Chain Weighted Compact Comforter


Squeezibo Animals

Squeezibo Animals



If you are looking at finding a few products to assist with focus in a busy environment this is a perfect. It helps with sensory over stimulation by providing a gentle amount of reassuring pressure as well as lessening the amount of environmental noise. The fidget tops can help keep busy hands moving without distracting others.   


Volume limited and built to last, Ems for Kids Audio Headphones have an 85dB volume limit, and are designed to block external noise as well! Great for use on planes and in other noisy environments!

Noise generated by loud music, loud workplaces and loud recreational equipment accounts for more than a third of all hearing loss. Due to these things, people are losing their hearing at a younger age than they were 30 years ago.


The Somna® Collar is a daytime product that helps to reduce tension in the body and shoulders. It is ergonomically designed to provide even, stable pressure. By lying on the chest and going down between the shoulder blades, it applies pressure to the muscles and gives the user a pleasant feeling of being embraced.

All of Ergonomic Shoulder Wraps come with washbag and draw string carry bag.

Gentle Machine Wash


Compact Comforter

The Somna® Comforter is a daytime product with the same positive properties as the Somna® Blanket, with its two-in-one function: one chain side and one padded side. The Compact comforter is made for portable use where a small amount of assistive regulation is necessary. Perfect for home school or office.


Easy to take to help in the car, waiting room or assists with focus.

50x50 cm Comforter


Carry Back Bag

Pencil Pushers

Pencil pushers are a wondeful fidget accessoruy for home, school or office. Each pencil has a different, colourful pusher. Keep fidgety hands busy and help with focus. The plastic tops are removable so you can use them time and time again.

Recommended for 5+




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