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Em's earmuffs for Kids

Em's earmuffs for Kids


Squeezy Mouse and Cheese

Squeezy Mouse and Cheese


Squeezibo Animals

Squeezibo Animals



The mini focus kit. is a selcetion of our most popular products to support Daily Sensory needs. 

Mouse and Cheese

Absolute favourite toy!

This is a piece of cheese with holes in it - So... are there any mice in here? This rubbery novelty cheese comes with 2 lifelike mice inside. The cheese features a variety of craters, through which the mice can be squeezed and threaded. This feels great and needs a reasonable amlunt of pressure to ge through the holes. Awesome school resource!

age 3 + the mice are quite small. 


Em's For Kids Earmuffs

Volume limited and built to last, Ems for Kids Audio Headphones have an 85dB volume limit, and are designed to block external noise as well! Great for use on planes and in other noisy environments!

Children need to be taught from a young age that their hearing is precious. If this is done well, they will be more likely to protect their hearing as they move into their teenage years.

Hard Carry Cases are available 

Noise generated by loud music, loud workplaces and loud recreational equipment accounts for more than a third of all hearing loss. Due to these things, people are losing their hearing at a younger age than they were 30 years ago.


Two Tone Timer

The large timer comes in a variety of colours and has an attractive presentation box. The coloured oil drips in droplets down the internal ramps to create a mesmerising effect. Try it and see!


Noomi Squeezibo

e love the feel of these cute Squeezibo little animals. They are firm and feel like a gentle weight in the hand. Give them a gentle squeeze and you receive a genlte resistance to keep the hands feeling busy and relaxed. 

Squeezibo's are adorable squeeze balls for anyone needing a little sensory input that is portable. Squeezibos  feel gently weighted in your hand, sending feelings of comfort and reassurance.  Perfect for the pocket or a sensory back pack.

They are made from a tough rubber and super soft material on the outside.






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