Watch Minder [colour: Black]

With light vibration and visual prompt

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Up to 30 Daily Alarm Settings 
Blue Silicone Band with Stainless Steel Buckle 
Fits wrist sizes 12.5cm to 20.5cm

Simple. Programmable. Discreet. The vibrating wristwatch that will privately cue you through your day.

Choose a pre-programmed message or create your own personalised message.  Choose a fixed time or interval.  The WatchMinder will discreetly cue you through your day.


  • Black polycarbonate with fibre case (38mm diameter)
  • Stainless Steel Back
  • Real Time, Calendar Clock & Date
  • Vibration Alert Only, No audible alarm
  • Training Mode - one message at set intervals throughout the day
  • Training mode alert, lasts 10 seconds, repeats in 20 seconds,
    push any button except light to stop. e.g. RELAX every 15 minutes
  • Reminder Mode - up to 30 reminders per day, repeat daily
  • Reminder mode alert with snooze, alert lasts 10 seconds, repeats in 20 seconds,
    push any button except light to stop
  • Reminder Snooze Feature automatically repeats the first cycle in 2 minutes
  • Create your own 12 Personalised Messages up to 8 characters
  • Display Time Digits (6mm H X 2mm W)
  • 12 hour clock display, AM/PM
  • Weighs 33 grams
  • Waterproof
  • One Year Warranty from product source (excludes battery)
  • Charged via provided USB cable, plug it into any USB port to charge
  • Need a USB port - purchase optional MS-4007 or MP3310
  • Fits wrist sizes appox. 12cm to 20.5cm


There are 15 preset training mode messages; Bathroom, Be Positive, Breathe, Cough, Give Positive, I can Do It, Ignore, Pat ATTN, Posture, Pray, Relax, Slow Down, Smile, Stop ,Stretch


There are 50 preset reminder mode messages; Backpack, Bank/Bills, Bathe, Bathroom, Bed Time, Books, Call/Text, Chores, Clean, Cook, Diabetic Test, Doctor, Dress, Eat, Exercise, Get Kids, Go Home, Go Lesson, Go Meeting, Go School, Go Sport, Go Work, HW/Study, Mail/Email, Meds 1, Meds 2, Meds 3, Meds 4, Meds 5, Meds 6, Meds 7, Meds 8, Pet Care, Planner, Play Time, Pray, Read/Write, Recharge, Rest, Snack, Store/Gas, Stretch, Talk Teacher, Teeth, Trash, Turn in HW, TV/DVR/DVD, Water, Write, Write HW


Or create your own Messages; You can create up to 12 of your own personalised messages which can each be up to 8 characters in length.


Fits wrist sizes 12.5cm to 20.5cm

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