SOMNA® Chain Weighted Vest

The Somna Vest™ Chain Weighted is a sensory stimulating and calming aid that is ideal for active situations. The Somna Vest™ is weighted with Chain that is securely sewn into channels and can be secured with the belt as well as with two extra straps for additional pressure stimulation. The encompassing tacile stimulation as well as the stimulation of proprioception is calming and gives a better spatial awareness plus better concentration. The removable weighted collar gives extra stimulation for those tasks that require extra concentration.


Adult and Child

Vest 2.35 kg Small,  Vest 2.85 kg Medium, Vest 3.35 kg Large

Vest 5.8 kg Size Large Adult, Vest 5.3 kg Size Medium Adult, Vest 4.8 kg Size Small Adult 

TGA and NDIS Registered, Machine Washable, Fire Retardant, Chain Weighted, Tactile with removable weighted collar for multiple uses