Why Chain Weighted?




The weight, the pressure and the enveloping effect of our products are important components for relaxing and resting. It provides an enclosing feeling, much like a hug, which in turn creates peace and quiet.

SOMNA® Chain Weighted Blankets and SOMNA® Comforter are safe, high quality, scandinavian designed and patented products with TGA registered and are made from Trevira fire retardant fabric. With the benefit of being gentle machine washable you can be sure to have a product that is easy to use and lasts much longer than others available on the market. We offer a ‘one month money back guarantee’ and a 12 month warranty. A safe product designed by Swedish engineers for professional and home use.

Sensory Integration is how the brain processes all the sensory input from the surrounding environment. Once our sensory integration processing is fully developed it enables us to concentrate on someone talking to us whilst there is traffic noise outside or whilst we are sitting in an uncomfortable chair or even sitting off balance. It also determines whether we can stay balanced while riding a bicycle as well as how we coordinate watching a soccer ball and then being able to kick it toward a goal.

Disturbances in our ability to process all this information can seriously affect how we cope with our day to day life. The treatment of Sensory Integration disorders was developed by the Occupational Therapist Jean Ayres. According to Ayres some people have difficulty in sending the information from our senses to our brain and processing this ready for the appropriate responses. As an example, many children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have a compromised Sensory Integration System, they have difficulty concentrating, relaxing, sitting still or holding focus. They can feel a general physical or psychological restlessness.

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