Sleepie by Somna®

Sleepie, by Somna®, is a weighted blanket which gets its weight and pressure from chains, just like our classic Somna® blankets.

Sleepie, by Somna® range will be available starting from $650.00

Use the contact form below to find out more on the Sleepie range and when it will be available.

What makes it different is the features:

    • Cotton/Polyester fabric (non suitable for hospitals/institutions since it 's not qualified as a flame retardant product)

    • Padding on both sides of the blanket (chains between the padding)

    • Limited range of weights (5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg, 11 kg)

    • Different colour on edging strip   

    • Middle Zip to create a second product (Comforter Long)

  • For more information on the Sleepie range contact us here