Prescriber Guidelines

If necessary, a hygiene cover can be used. When using the cover together with the Chain Weighted Blanket it becomes warmer as it is sealed against moisture. If there is no requirement for using the hygiene cover then our recommendation is NOT to use it for a better experience.

The Chain Weighted Blanket is made as cool as possible with padding on one side only. This means it can be easily combined with a regular blanket in the same quilt cover when a warmer blanket is required. To maximise the life of your Chain Weighted Blanket it is recommended to always use a Quilt cover.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want some tips / advice when choosing weight of your Chain Weighted Blanket.


Use the Trial Feedback form as a guide for introducing the blanket to a new user:
Trial Feedback form

The Unique design of our Chain Weighted Products

It is best to trial the blanket when the user is having a positive and receptive day. When selecting the blanket it is a good idea if the user is laying on their side and facing away from the therapist, thus giving the user a chance to sense if it feels right without feeling distracted by the Therapist. If the user is sensitive then start by covering the legs first, thereafter gradually continue up against the back. There is no need to adjust the Chain Weighted Blanket as it will automatically form along the lines of the body. For sensitive users start with the soft side of the blanket and if they need more tactile stimulation then it can be changed over to the chain side

Remember: it can take approximately up to 15 minutes before the Chain Weighted Blanket shows a full effect.

When the user is trying out the blanket at home it would be a good idea, especially for sensitive people, to start using the blanket during the day on the sofa for a short period or when resting. Ideally, in such a way that it will not be overwhelming for the user. When they feel ready the user can start increasing the hours of use or even start using it during the night.

It is important that the user can freely move their arms under the blanket and under no circumstances are they to be restricted in the blanket.

Please use a validation protocol (see downloadable forms) whenever trying out the Chain Weighted Blanket. Both for trialing the blanket and follow up weekly for a four week period. This gives a clearer way of measuring the effect of the blanket.

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