Lycra Bed and Body socks

Body socks, Lycra Tunnels and Bed Socks are a great source of regulation and body awareness. They are portable and easy to keep clean and are made from Nylon and Lycra here in Australia. 

If you need a particular size please feel free to contact us as this may be possible.

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Our Bed socks can assist with sleep issues relating to sensory needs and separation anxiety. Each sock provides unrestricted movement and an opening on both ends so that the user can move freely under the breathable Lycra fabric. The Bed Sock can help settle the user by giving a sense of deep pressure like a gentle hug. We recommend the user has full mobility and can easily get out of the bed and body sock freely.

Body Socks is an Australian manufacturer of sensory products that are ideal for children and adults with autism, anxiety or sensory processing disorders who crave sensory input, particularly proprioceptive and vestibular  input.