What is different about this product compared to others available?

  • The Chain Weighted Blanket is fully gentle machine washable in a wash bag as it is, no need to deconstruct it.
  • The Chain Weighted Blanket is TGA and CE approved and commonly prescribed in Scandinavia under their Government Subsidy system.
  • We offer a 21 day trial period which is fully refundable if it is not for you
  • It comes with a one year guarantee and is made to last a lifetime
  • It is made with Trevira fire retardant fabric
  • With the use of chains it means the blanket forms to your body for extra comfort regardless of how restless you sleep
  • It comes in bed sizes: Bassinet, Cot and Single bed so fits in regular quilt covers
  • The Chain Weighted Blanket is nickel free and allergen free
  • You have the choice of two different sides for more or less tactile stimulation
  • You can use the Chain Weighted Blanket in summer or winter
  • The Chain Weighted Blanket is easily transportable and comes with a travel bag
  • The Chain Weighted Blanket is patented

What weight should I choose?

This really depends on your situation, the greater your level of restlessness or anxiety then the more weight that is needed to calm. We follow a guide of 10% of the body weight for the weight that should be distributed over the body. As the blankets are sized according to the bed we can generally halve the figure to get an estimate of weight that would be on the body. That is, with a 4 kg blanket there will be approximately 2 kg of weight on the body. This also varies for the size of the person. It would be less with a small child and more with a larger adult. If you would like more information then please email us via info@sensorycalm.com.au.

Is there Evidence-Based Research

Yes. There are case studies that have been completed in Sweden that initiated it being Government subsidised in Scandinavia. There is currently a large scale trial that should be completed by the end of 2014 and will be followed by another one in 2015. Read about it in Everything about assistance devices and Assistive Device According to Your Needs.

Can I wash the blanket in my own machine?

Yes! The blanket is fully gentle machine washable. We provide a wash bag and it can be washed with the quilt cover still on, which gives even better protection. Be sure to check your machine’s weight limit and to use the wash bag and you will have no problems at all. The blanket can be washed at 60 degrees on a gentle cycle with a gentle spin. We find that it air dries in a day easily. Do not tumble dry.

Do I need to take it apart to wash it?

No, the blanket comes complete so there is no messing about pulling it apart and putting bits back in.

Can I add weight and do I need to take weights out to wash it?

No, the blankets come fully sealed for safety and hygiene reasons. We have various weights you can choose from and you can easily upgrade to a heavier blanket if you need it. The size of the blanket also means that you can fold it over for a greater weight impact in times of increased distress or restlessness. You can wash the blanket as is inside the wash bag or even inside the quilt cover for extra protection, there is no need to do anything else like removing small parts.

Can I really wash the blanket with the chains in place?

Yes, the chains are secured in place in each channel and there is no need to take it apart to wash it. The chains are also rust free so can easily be washed time and time again. The blanket is completely sealed for your safety and hygiene.

Can I use fabric softener, bleach or canestan rinse in the wash with the Chain Weighted Blanket?

Yes, the Trevira is a durable fabric based on the polyester family of fibres and the filling is also polyester based. Both these durable materials can tolerate tough washing agents such as bleach and Canestan rinse. Fabric softener is also safe to use with the Chain Weighted Blanket and can be quite beneficial in dry weather to prevent static.

What if I have a Complaint?

Please tell us if anything is not right, we want to know and take these things seriously. Email us at info@sensorycalm.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Is it magnetic? Do I need to plug it in?

No, it is not magnetic and does need to be plugged in so it is completely safe. It is purely the weight and tactile stimulation that you can feel. A lot of people are amazed with how it feels and figure it must be plugged in or something to give such an impact. That is your body sensing your tactile reception and proprioception.

Can I get funding?

If you see an Occupational Therapist they can recommend it for you and help you through the process of funding through FAHCSIA.

Can I use the blanket if I am prone to pressure sores?

We do not recommend the use of heavy weights if you are prone to pressure sores. Although the blankets have a soft side and come in lighter weights, generally weighted products and pressure sores are not a good combination, especially not for use overnight.

Can I put it in a quilt cover?

Yes, it comes in standard Bassinet, Cot and Single bed sizes so it can fit in any regular quilt cover. Being white you can choose whatever pattern you like without it showing through. If you want an even better tactile experience then you can use it without a cover. A hygiene cover is also available if required.

Why is this product better?

The Chain Weighted Blanket is a high quality, safe and hygienic product that is made to last. It is engineer designed for versatile use in many situations. By being machine washable it means the Chain Weighted Blanket is more hygienic and is a lifetime product. It is an investment in your sleep as well as your mental wellbeing.

What is Trevira fabric?

Trevira is a fire retardant fabric that meets Standard NT Fire 037. It is a breathable fabric that is fire retardant due to the way it is woven. This makes the blanket ideal for use in schools, hospitals and other large facilities or high volume of use. Read more…

Does the flame retardant quality wash off? Is it sprayed on?

No. The Chain Weighted Blanket is a made with Trevira fabric which means it is in the weave. There is no product sprayed onto the fabric and the ability will not wash out. There are no harmful chemicals involved. The structure of the fabric means it is fire retardant and still a breathable fabric. Read more…

But why chain?

Chain was chosen due the way it can form to body whilst giving compact weight for manoeuvrability and travel. Being chain meant that it could be made rust and allergen free and washable. The chain also gives tactile stimulation yet is still safe and hygienic to use. With no pellets, sand or rice it is even safe for the toughest situations.

Can I get a double or queen size?

We find that the blankets become difficult to manage in these sizes and it is not often that both people sharing a bed require the same weight. As an alternative the blankets are 200cm x 150cm and can be shared when the same weight is appropriate and if necessary two blankets could easily be joined with a zip down the centre by a local tailor.

If we haven’t covered a question you would like to ask then please email us via info@sensorycalm.com.au.